This is our information page for the beginner/intermediate classes held in the 1st half of the evening.

Please refresh the web page to make sure you have the latest version.

Most of the dance videos have a link to the instructions for the Dance.
Look at the RSCDS or Scottish Dancing web sites for short videos on the the footwork and formations that we will be covering.

Summer Term 2024

Winter Term 2024

Autumn Term 2023

Christmas Step Practice
Have a look at Moira Stacey's tutorials on
           Skip Change Travelling Step, Pas de Basque Setting and Strathspey Travelling Step

7th December
Reprise of steps, setting and handholds
Espie McNabbLady Lucy Ramsay

30th November
* Grand Chain
Lady Catherine Bruce's Reel, Lady Lucy Ramsay, Old Man of Storr

23rd November
* Allemande
Anna's Homecoming, Rakes of Glasgow, Lady Catherine Bruce's Reel, Old Man of Storr

16th November
* Mirror Reel of 3 on side
The Waratah Weaver, Anna's Homecoming(simplified),Birks of Invermay, Easy Peasy

9th November
* Step up
* Figure 8 on the side
* Advance and Retire
The Waratah Weaver, Birks of Invermay, Easy Peasy, Leap Year

2nd November
* Promenade
* Dos-si-Do
 The Ayr Promenade, Birks of InvermayTwo and Two, Watson's Reel

19th October
* Strathspey Travelling Step "Moira Stacey's" Tutorial Video and RSCDS Stirling 
  Watson's Reel, Sally's Fancy, Espie McNabb

12th October
    Highland Fair, Good Hearted Glasgow, Highland Rambler

5th October
  * Rights and Lefts
  * Polite Turn
    Watson's Reel, Espie McNabb, Highland Fair

28th September
  * Pas de Basque Setting "Moria Stacey's" Tutorial Video and RSCDS Stirling Branch video
   Leap Year, Good Hearted Glasgow, Espie McNabb, The Dhoon

21st September
  * Travelling Step "Moria Stacey's" Tutorial Video and RSCDS Stirling Branch video
  * Turn partner
  * Cast
  * Hands Round
 * Lead Down
  * Hands Across
    Reel for Jeannie The Merry Reapers, Leap Year

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